Ryan was very unique!  At the age of four, he had the ability to take direction and carry out instructions given him by production directors for print, television and music video projects.  Working at times with crews of a dozen people or more, Ryan quickly earned a reputation for his abilities to portray a child of his actual age which is unusual.

Ryan enjoyed this experience, and it was not work to him as much as it was simply Mom and himself, out for the day having fun with other people.  Every project he participated in was enjoyable for him and in fact, the crews always treated Ryan like a king on the set.  Some of his accomplishments, notably the music video "For Pete's Sake" can still be seen on Christian and country music television programs today.

Print Experience:
Belk Easter advertisement (regional distribution)
Belk Easter advertisement (regional distribution)
Buster Brown Corporate brochure (internal distribution)
Hills Fall toy catalogue (regional distribution)
Turner Broadcasting Systems TBS Annual Report (international distribution)
Atlanta Journal Constitution Easter advertisement (regional distribution)
TV Commercial Experience:
Rich's Spring Fashion Sale (regional distribution)
AT&T Chicago Story Productions (international  distribution)
Speedway Gas Omnibus Productions (regional distribution)
IGA Foods Omnibus Productions (regional distribution)
Columbia Health Systems Means Street Productions (regional distribution)
1-800-PRO-TEAM Omnibus Productions (national distribution)
Time Life Video Rice Productions (national distribution)
Alliance Theater Means Street Productions (regional distribution)
TNT Productions E.T.  The Extraterrestrial (international distribution)
Quick Trip Marts Means Street Productions (regional distribution)
Music Video Experience:
"For Pete's Sake" (Susie Luchsinger) Triple Horse Productions (international distribution)
Listen to "For Pete's Sake" Download the song "For Pete's Sake"

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